Monday, May 9, 2011

The Real Estate Report Card - Market Data for Salt Lake City UT Homes for Sale

The Real Estate Report!
Our spring market is always good and this year is no exception despite the weather. Back in January, we had a 15 months supply of homes, we are down to 8 months. Are monthly sales as are at their high for the year so far and will continue at least for another month or so. Our short sale market is also slightly improving. We have dropped from a high of 25 months supply down to 13 months. If we can keep these numbers performing like this through the rest of the year, we will be in very good shape and on our way to recovery.

Lets take a look at our 30 day snapshot of our Salt Lake County Real Estate Market!
Here are the numbers looking back from 5/9/2011.

Total # Actives 6608
Sold last 30 days 822
Sold 365 Days 9957
Listed last 30 days 1617
Total Pending Sales 1583
Pending last 30 days 939
Expired last 30 days 803
Expired listings 365 Days 12253
Months Supply of Homes 8.0

Total # Actives 1683
Sold last 30 days 134
Sold 365 days 1424
Listed last 30 days 268
Total Pending Sales 261
Pending last 30 days 129
Expired last 30 days 206
Expired listings 365 Days 2594
Months Supply of Homes 12.5

Average Days on Market 135
Average Price per Sq Foot $85
Homes are selling for 94 % of original list price
25.4 % of our active listings are Short Sales...
16.5 % of the homes listed in the last 30 days are Short Sales...
16.4 % of the homes pending are Short sales...
25.6 % of pending homes in the last 30 days are Short Sales...
16.3 % of the total homes sold in the last 30 days were short sales...

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