Monday, December 6, 2010

The Salt Lake City Utah Real Estate Report Card

The Real Estate Report!
Lets take a look at our 30 day snapshot of our Salt Lake County Real Estate Market!
Here are the numbers looking back from 12/6/2010.

We hit a milestone this week. Our short sales are officially of at 25%! 1 in 4 homes for sale in Salt Lake County is a short sale. One out of every four homes. The seller is behind on their payments and most likely a notice of default has been filed for one out of every four homes for sale. 

We have a 16 month supply of those homes. At the current rate of sales, it will take us sixteen months to sell those short sales off.


Total # Actives 6820
Sold last 30 days 582
Sold 365 Days 10195
Listed last 30 days 1215
Total Pending Sales 1275
Pending last 30 days 637
Expired last 30 days 1122
Expired listings 365 Days 12440
Months Supply of Homes 11.7


Total # Actives 1710
Sold last 30 days 107
Sold 365 days 1376
Listed last 30 days 236
Total Pending Sales 204
Pending last 30 days 102
Expired last 30 days 238
Expired listings 365 Days 2415
Months Supply of Homes 15.9

Average Days on Market 125
Average Price per Sq Foot $91

25.0 % of our active listings are Short Sales...
19.4 % of the homes listed in the last 30 days are Short Sales...
16.0 % of the homes pending are Short sales...
21.2 % of pending homes in the last 30 days are Short Sales...
18.3 % of the total homes sold in the last 30 days were short sales...

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