Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Real Estate Report Card for April 22, 2010

Lets take a look at our Salt Lake County Real Estate Market! Here are the numbers looking back the last 30 days from 4/20/2010.

ALL LISTINGS for Salt Lake County, the greater Salt Lake City area.
Total # Actives 7684
Sold last 30 days 832
Sold 365 Days 11462
Listed last 30 days 1992
Total Pending Sales 2105
Pending last 30 days 1349
Expired last 30 days 926
Expired listings 365 Days 12385
Months Supply of Homes 9.2

Short sale numbers for the greater salt lake city area, Salt Lake county

Total # Actives 1634
Sold last 30 days 116
Sold 365 days 1298
Listed last 30 days 253
Total Pending Sales 252
Pending last 30 days 141
Expired last 30 days 206
Expired listings 365 Days 2094
Months Supply of Homes 14

Our average Days on Market 130
To summarize....
21.2 % of our active listings are Short Sales...
12.7 % of the homes listed in the last 30 days are Short Sales...
11.9 % of the homes pending are Short sales...
22.2 % of pending homes in the last 30 days are Short Sales...
13.9 % of the homes sold in the last 30 days were short sales...

Since February, the number of active listings has brown by almost 700 homes....

In February, on the average we were selling about 500 homes per month, now we're selling a little over 800!

That's good news!
In February we had a 14-15 month supply of homes, now we're down to a little over 9! More good news!
In February, 23% of our active listings were short sales, now its 21%! More good news!
In February we were closing about 60-65 short sales, now we're closing over a 100 every thirty days!

In February, our average SOLD price per square foot was $99.20. Right now our our average SOLD price per square foot is $98.49. That is a .71 cent difference. Not bad.

We will have to see what happens when the tax credit runs out! For many, many sellers, right now will be the very best time to get your home sold.

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