The Real Estate Report Card for March 29, 2010

Let's take a look again at our 30 day market snap shot. We're looking at the real estate statistics for homes for sale in the greater Salt Lake City Utah area and all of Salt Lake County.

Total # Actives 7656
Sold last 30 days 665
Sold 365 Days 11275
Listed last 30 days 1971
Total Pending Sales 1816
Pending last 30 days 1144
Expired last 30 days 824
Expired listings 365 Days 12536
Months Supply of Homes 11.5

Let's look at our Short Sales...

Total # Actives 1656
Sold last 30 days 74
Sold 365 days 1253
Listed last 30 days 262
Total Pending Sales 267
Pending last 30 days 156
Expired last 30 days 159
Expired listings 365 Days 2032
Months Supply of Homes 22.3

21.6 % of our active listings are Short Sales...
13.2 % of the homes listed in the last 30 days are Short Sales...
14.7 % of the homes pending are Short sales...
19.2 % of pending homes in the last 30 days are Short Sales...
11.1 % of the total homes sold in the last 30 days were short sales...
Feel free to call me if you have questions about these numbers and what they mean!

It's nice to see a drop in the percentage of Short Sales. I feel like short sales are the bottle neck in the market. If we can keep un-employment low and get rid of more of our short sales, we would see a big improvement in the real estate market. Feel free to call or email anytime. 
Dan Walker - your Salt Lake City real estate and short sale expert!


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